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Virtual Distancing: The New Normal

Designed correctly, remote work increases productivity

Security, the responsiveness of remote resources, and proper asset management are all keys to maintaining your remote, virtual workforce.

Renascence IT is here to assist you with getting your team virtually distanced safely and securely.

There are many reasons to embrace remote work.  Studies show that remote workers are often more productive, perform higher quality work, are better engaged with their workplace, and more likely to stay on board with their company. It also saves on costs by reducing the overhead of office space and utilities. 

The benefits of flexible workplaces are clear, but there are also challenges to remote work– cybersecurity being one of the top concerns.  Renascence IT can help you handle the data security challenges that work from home and remote policies create. 

Identifying and mitigating risk

Our team always completes an assessment of your cybersecurity risks, uncovering weaknesses and potential vulnerabilities so we can provide the right solutions to protect your data in a remote environment.

Testing your network, we identify which areas of your network, devices, and applications need the attention of our team before you get the attention of cyber criminals. Because we assess risks and vulnerabilities, we know which areas to prioritize to maximize your investment.

We customize cybersecurity solutions to your needs and your specific network and employee structure. It’s far better for our team to find the risks and errors in your infrastructure than it is for a malicious actor to take advantage of loopholes.

We also regularly assess and test for new vulnerabilities and security issues. Ongoing testing allows us to identify potential new threats before they damage your business.

Employee training and awareness

Your staff acts as the first line of defense against attacks, alerting the company to potential threats, ensuring strong passwords, and avoiding common security scams like phishing. As part of our ongoing risk assessment and monitoring, we evaluate security awareness within the organization and provide consistent, ongoing training opportunities. 

Remote work cybersecurity incident response

Cybersecurity means being even more vigilant and proactive when you have remote workers. However, an incident response plan is vital to business success and is part of being proactive. With our cybersecurity incident response services, you can rest assured that if a threat or breach does occur, you have a plan and a team at the ready.

We will work quickly to identify the issue, isolate and protect your valuable data, and remediate the problem, minimizing lost revenue and brand damage.  After the immediate incident response, we defend against future problems.

There is a lot that goes into strong remote work cybersecurity practices, but you don’t have to navigate the challenges of remote security alone. From our President, Kirk Lesser and the entire team at Renascence IT, we pledge that you can focus on your business and leave cybersecurity to us.

Man working at his home computer wearing a headset illustrating virtual distancing

Remote work: cybersecurity in the cloud

Remote work relies on cloud-based environments and services, which call for secure implementations. The combination of various cloud services, or a public and private cloud hybrid, also poses challenges to your security.  

We understand that there are many components to working in the cloud. Renascence IT will  centralize cloud security, so even if you have various services and apps in place, you can easily and efficiently handle cybersecurity.

Shared cybersecurity standards

When you have remote workers and/or employees in multiple locations, maintaining strict cybersecurity standards can be difficult. Home WI-FI security at an employee’s residence, for example, usually comes with weaker protocols and poor password practices, which open your data to hackers and cybercriminals

We work to create shared security standards, wherever your employees may be. Our services make every device as secure as the centralized infrastructure at a single work site, configured to protect sensitive information and company privacy consistently.

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