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The Business Benefits Of Cloud-Based Email

May 18, 2023 | E-Mail

Your business is moving, growing, and humming on all cylinders, and you don’t have time to waste. So don’t waste it on email service that holds you back. Learn how cloud-based email service can free you from on-site limitations and take your business to the next level.

While you’re at it, you should consider adding cloud computing services to your toolkit and putting the power of cloud services to work for you.

What Is Cloud-Based Email?

Email is the most critical communication tool for internal and external communication. Yet many businesses’ email services rely on their own resources to support their email service, hosting their programs through on-site servers and devoting significant IT resources to maintain.

Cloud-based email service takes running your business email off of your company’s to-do list. Instead, a dedicated provider takes over all of the physical and operational concerns of your email service so that you can simply use email and not operate it.     

Evolving past the clunky first wave of third-party hosted email, the cloud breaks barriers and innovates solutions that let you send, receive, and store email while offloading security, technology, and maintenance concerns. Like a streaming service, cloud-based email hosts your email functions for fast and easy access on any device, wherever there’s an internet connection.

Why Move To Cloud-Based Email?

Cloud-based email can help your business in more ways than one. Here are just a few reasons to consider the switch.


In-house email servers may seem efficient, but the costs pile up fast. After the server itself, with its racking, cooling, and electricity needs, the cost of the operating system, email platform, and maintenance staff become a constant drain on your resources. Cloud-based services cut the overall cost, transitioning reduced email expenses to monthly or annual operations.

Cost outlays disappear when you move to the cloud, such as:

  • Hardware cost and maintenance
  • High electricity draw paired with critical cooling requirements
  • Rent and housing requirements
  • Server location security
  • Software and IT


Cloud email servers give you the most flexibility to right-size your email service. Adjust server space and capacity without the burden of hardware and housing constraints. Cloud hosting allows uninhibited growth through off-site providers. As your business expands, cloud-based email service offers unlimited growth.


Protecting your information is a never-ending battle with many points of vulnerability. From phishing scams and business email compromise (BEC) to data exfiltration and malware, protecting your email servers becomes more complicated with every new approach. Moving your email service to the cloud protects it from threats in three ways.

  1. Location matters. Cloud service providers invest in the highest level of security for their server locations, keeping them locked up tighter than any singer server operation could manage alone.
  2. Cybersecurity increases with cloud-based email, moving ongoing security measures to the service provider’s more significant resources and focus. This frees your IT staff from ongoing email security work to focus on work that directly benefits and promotes your business.
  3. Cloud-based email uses redundancy as a core feature, making recovery of data simplified. Storage on the cloud protects your email archive from ransomware attacks and accidental erasure. This feature also improves uptime, giving you more usage faster from multiple sources.   


The cloud is anywhere there’s internet, supporting nearly unlimited availability and convenience to your email service through remote access. Expand your options by supporting remote work.  Moving to cloud-based email facilitates travel for work and play, keeping you in touch and, on top of it all, no matter where your business takes you.

By freeing access to work from any location, you mobilize your workforce and set yourself up for success.

How To Choose A Cloud-Based Email Service Provider

Moving the physical location and responsibility of your email to an outside provider can feel a little unnerving. It is essential to choose a service provider that you can trust to protect your data and guarantee security and ongoing access to your email.

Start by itemizing your requirements based on your business’s current needs and potential future needs. Setting your requirements and expectations and discussing flexibility options for changing situations ensures that providers meet your standards. Discussing flexibility gives you the reassurance that the provider is prepared to serve your business needs over a prolonged contract.

Providers that meet your service requirements may then rate on the following concerns:

  • Company profile and organizational health
  • Data security and governance
  • Technology and performance
  • Service roadmap
  • Contracts and service-level agreements
  • Vendor lock-in and migration support

Detailed evaluation of these and other factors will help move your business email to the cloud with confidence. With many strong cloud-based email service providers available, you can shop for the best service and support.  

Cloud-Based Email For Businesses Benefits With Savings And Functions That Promote Success

Simplify your business email service and take advantage of cloud-based email. This powerful technology lets you shift your email service and storage to cloud providers and focus your resources on building your business. Email is a tool, and the cloud places it in your hands, user-ready, with unbeatable speed and flexibility.

Cut costs and conserve resources by putting the cloud to work. Let your business grow knowing that your email services will grow with you, always the right size and capability for your emerging needs.

Rest easy, knowing your cloud-based email service and email archive storage are secure with robust protections and continual threat monitoring. Expand your workforce, support productivity, and take your business to new heights with remote access that gives you the freedom to roam.

Don’t get left behind. Over 90% of businesses currently employ or are developing multi-cloud strategies to support their work. Yet nearly 30% of small to medium-sized businesses are missing out on the advantages of cloud-based email.

Featuring unique scalability, cloud-based email is ideal for businesses of any size. Cloud computing for small businesses provides everyone the same cloud access and advantages that the big guys depend on. Give your business a boost with cloud-based email service, and your email service will take care of itself while you take care of business.

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