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Cloud services offer businesses in the San Francisco Bay area a cost-effective way to handle all their IT needs. Microsoft’s Office 365 suite is a revolutionary tool for cloud-based services. Businesses throughout San Francisco use Office 365 to boost productivity for their business.

Here at Renascence IT Consulting, we offer Microsoft Office 365 consultations for businesses throughout San Francisco. Contact us now to get a free consultation regarding the solutions and benefits associated with Office 365 services.

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Learn the Basics of Office 365 Services

Microsoft developed the Office 365 suite of programs and apps to support computer users, including business customers. Considered a leading productivity platform, Office 365 offers scalability and personalization for any professional organization.

Currently, Microsoft offers Office 365 services at a flat-rate fee on a monthly basis. This low-cost service allows companies to access technological support, especially for cloud services.

Many businesses are turning to the cloud as a way to store data. Office 365 focuses on the management of cloud services and the virtual business marketplace.

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Advantages of Using Office 365 in San Francisco

Curious about the benefits Office 365 offers your business in the San Francisco Bay area? Managed services from Microsoft help you find a solution to IT problems your company faces. Microsoft 365 offers:

Consistent Uptime

Your business needs access to cloud data and other online platforms around the clock. Fortunately, Microsoft 365 promises almost 100% uptime, allowing you to use it both day and night.

Ease of Use on Any Device

Cloud services make it easy for you to access Office 365 services throughout California. Microsoft offers your business IT support on a wide array of devices, including:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • PCs

Your employees can access Office 365 from your office or off-site if they are working from home. Allow all members of your team to take advantage of the infrastructure provided by Microsoft right now.

User-Friendly Design

Microsoft used its expertise with technology to create the 365 suite of programs. Office 365 supports collaboration between users by providing a framework for communication. Its best-known programs include:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint

These programs are designed to provide the help your business needs. It allows you to easily find solutions to your technology needs here in the San Francisco Bay area.

Scalability for Your Company

Not every company in San Francisco requires the same solutions. That’s why Microsoft made Office 365 scalable for businesses in the San Francisco Bay area. Your office gets to decide on the amount of service you want.

Make sure you aren’t paying for services your business doesn’t want by contacting us for consulting services. Here at Renascence IT Consulting, we understand the Microsoft Office suite of programs. Allow us to help you review the solutions you want.

No Need for IT Installation

The Office 365 suite of programs may seem intimidating. However, Microsoft focuses on making deployment of the platform easy. You don’t need an IT specialist to set up Office 365 in your business in San Francisco.

Avoid the high costs associated with hiring a dedicated IT technician by allowing us to get Microsoft 365 set up for your business. We know what it takes to help clients in your situation and can help your enterprise make the most of services like SharePoint.

Consistent Security

Security remains important for all businesses in San Francisco, CA. Microsoft put in the effort it takes to keep your data and documents protected, even in the cloud. We’ll help you set up business-grade security management in the San Francisco Bay area.

Migrate Your Business Data to Microsoft 365 in the San Francisco Bay Area

Interested in making the switch to the Microsoft Office 365 suite for your business? We are ready to handle the migration for you. Allow us to ensure the transfer of your data and files is managed correctly.

We also help clients interested in migrating their data to Google Apps. Often, the migration requires companies to reconfigure clients for Microsoft Outlook. We handle the reconfiguration of your company’s:

  • Signature blocks
  • Address auto-completes
  • Profiles
  • PSTs

Let us offer you the support you want throughout the migration process. We keep the lines of communication open, so you know exactly what’s going on.

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Get IT Training for Google Apps and Office 365 Services in San Francisco

Want help understanding the services officered by Microsoft 365 and Google Apps? Here at Renascence IT Consulting, we offer support programs and instruction for these services. Get assistance training all the employees in your enterprise to effectively use cloud services.

Our experts provide you with the training you want to best serve your client base. Start getting the instruction you want so your employees understand how to share documents and engage in collaboration through Microsoft’s cloud system.

We Offer IT Support for Microsoft 365 Systems in San Francisco

Microsoft 365 supports the management of your business here in the San Francisco Bay area. We understand the underlying architecture of a Windows server and can answer all your questions about the functions of Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps.

Take advantage of all enterprise services offered by Microsoft by working with us. Find out how you can:

  • Store information in the cloud
  • Access your data through Microsoft 365
  • Work on documents collaboratively

We provide proactive support that addresses the unique IT needs of your company here in San Francisco.

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Work with the Leading Microsoft 365 Consultants in San Francisco, CA

Get professional help migrating your company’s data to the Microsoft Office 365 suite by contacting Renascence IT Consulting now. We’re familiar with Microsoft’s architecture and are ready to handle all the details for you. Our team of IT professionals also offers training and help with troubleshooting in the San Francisco Bay area.

Find out how we can help by completing our online contact form. You also have the option of calling us at (510) 552-6896. Take charge of your company’s future right now.

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