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What Are Cloud Services?

Renascence IT offers cloud services, which are internet-based programs that facilitate both business and personal operations. By utilizing the internet, our cloud security services provide a secure storage solution for your valuable company information.

In addition, our IT services enhance office productivity and efficiency, providing your team with invaluable support and shortcuts that save time and enable them to accomplish more each day. With a host of benefits that IT solutions bring to your company, Renascence IT is here to provide you with the best solution that your Fremont business needs.

Cloud Cost Savings

IT cloud services offered by Renascence IT can help your company save a substantial amount of money. Although there may be initial fees associated with implementing cloud computing, you will ultimately reduce costs in the long term by eliminating overhead expenses. Our cloud services provide flexible payment options, allowing you to pay only for the support that you require.

Cloud Scalability

Cloud computing programs provided by Renascence IT are designed to grow alongside your Fremont company. By securely storing your information on the internet, our cloud technology support solutions can easily scale to meet your needs. As your company expands, simply expand your IT cloud storage plan to accommodate the growth. Trust Renascence IT to support your business every step of the way.

Cloud Mobility

Renascence IT empowers you to access your company’s managed data from anywhere, liberating you from the confines of the office and reducing expensive building lease costs. Your team members can efficiently work from the comfort of their homes, seamlessly managing your company’s services through a mobile app.

Types of Cloud Services

Renascence IT offers various cloud computing technologies and software services to enhance your Fremont business infrastructure. On this support page, we have classified them into four distinct categories for your convenience.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Renascence IT brings you the incredible benefits of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Computing without a server significantly reduces overhead for your Fremont business.

With IaaS, your team takes charge of managing data, operating systems, applications, and more. By embracing the IaaS model, the seamless capture and storage of company information occur automatically. Moreover, IaaS stands out as the most flexible and highly scalable IT cloud services provider.

Countless IaaS technologies are available, and our highly experienced IT support experts will guide you in finding the most secure solution for your business needs.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

With PaaS you can  swiftly develop and deploy applications while bypassing the complexities and costs of traditional infrastructure management. Bid farewell to substantial hardware investments and welcome a pay-as-you-go model tailored for business agility.

But it’s not solely about cost-saving, it’s about staying ahead. With PaaS, you will always be equipped with the latest tech updates, fostering a future-proof environment. Combine this with top-tier security measures and seamless team collaboration, and you have the ideal recipe for sustained growth and success.

Don’t let technological obstacles hinder your vision. Embrace PaaS to watch your business reach new heights.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Renascence IT embraces the popularity of SaaS within the hospitality industry. We understand that many hotels and restaurants have adopted SaaS systems to effectively expand their businesses.

By leveraging advanced cloud technology, SaaS programs enhance operational efficiency for our clients. With an external supplier overseeing applications, data management, servers, and operating systems, businesses can fully invest in marketing skills and critical aspects of their operations.

Notably, our IT SaaS cloud programs also play a crucial role in optimizing digital marketing strategies, enabling our clients to gain valuable customer insights.

Function-as-a-Service (FaaS)

Renascence IT offers developers a seamless way to manage, run, and create applications as functions, without the hassle of overseeing their infrastructure. Leveraging the power of FaaS support systems, which are widely accessible on major public clouds, our platform empowers developers to harness the potential of popular FaaS IT programs such as IBM Cloud Functions, AWS Lambda, and Google Cloud Functions. Discover the future of application development with Renascence IT today.

Cloud Computing

There are four types of IT clouds that most consider cloud services themselves.

Private Cloud

Renascence IT specializes in private clouds that prioritize the end-user. In today’s landscape, private clouds are predominantly hosted on private data centers rather than on-premise. These clouds operate on the foundation of virtualization, enabling the transfer of resources from physical hardware to shared pools. By doing so, the traditional method of extracting information from a single source at a time is eliminated, resulting in significant time and cost savings for your team.

Public Cloud

On the other hand, just like the name implies, public clouds entail no ownership, allowing for seamless transfer of information and resources between users. Supported by trusted third-party companies, these scalable clouds are particularly beneficial for seasonal businesses, experiencing surges in popularity at specific times of the year. What’s more, public clouds offer extensive integration with external application services, making them an invaluable asset for your IT needs.

Hybrid Cloud

Renascence IT understands the complexities of modern IT clouds, which is why we specialize in building and supporting hybrid cloud environments. By combining public and private cloud resources, our experienced team creates a seamless network that allows for efficient workload movement and connectivity across multiple computers. We prioritize the success of your IT cloud services by ensuring reliable connectivity, as a poor connection can cause workflow disruptions and potential security issues. Trust Renascence IT for expert guidance in harnessing the power of hybrid clouds and unlocking their full potential.


Finally, we have multi-clouds. These cloud solutions are similar to hybrids in that they combine public and private clouds. However, in a multi-cloud, they do not have to network together. Essentially, it is a hybrid cloud without orchestration. Multi-cloud services come in handy when a customer asks for an integration that is not available on your cloud. In these situations, you must purchase and host an outside app in that vendor’s public cloud. Thus, you have a multi-cloud.

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