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Make Renascence IT Consulting your go-to destination for reliable network and information security. We specialize in protecting small and mid-sized businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area from cybersecurity threats that could harm organizations and their customers.

Hackers learn innovative ways to infiltrate large corporations every day, but small companies are not exempt from receiving threats. As a leading Bay Area managed services provider, Renascence IT works alongside clients to protect them from phishing scams, hackers, ransomware, malware, and more.

With our information technology expertise, we can enhance your network infrastructure to prevent malicious attacks and improve company operations.


Benefits of Network Support Services

Businesses today collect and store large amounts of consumer and industry data, including:

  • financial records
  • tax information
  • customer credit card numbers,
  • contact information

 Internal misuse of sensitive data and data leaks can have damaging repercussions like lawsuits and a bad brand reputation.

At Renascence IT, we provide services to safeguard critical data from unauthorized use, including any data breach that may present itself. The advantages of our Bay Area-based support services are:

  • Enhanced Brand Trust: Secure technology and information systems will improve your business’s reputation if a data breach occurs.
  • Mitigated Security Threats: We will take prompt action to ensure that your enterprise is compliant with all professional and government regulations to minimize the risk of a security breach. Our efforts will reduce the financial impact of security incidents.
  • Protected Proprietary Data: Our services will ensure that all data remains secure, even while sharing across the network.

Network Security Services for the San Francisco Bay Area

Whether you run a small business without an on-premises IT team or a medium-sized organization with some security personnel, our San Francisco IT services company provides the necessary protection and support to improve productivity. Our protections help minimize security risks from technology usage.

The services below are some of the options we provide. The Renascence IT Consulting professionals can tailor technology solutions to each organization based on its needs.

Security Training for On-Premises Personnel

Critical data protection begins with staff education about how to handle sensitive information. Your employees also need to know how to identify malicious links in emails that hackers use to steal data or take control of a business’s systems.

By implementing actionable policies and standards with our IT security expertise, we can help your staff avoid making regrettable mistakes to reduce the organization’s liability.

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning

Hackers will infiltrate systems through vulnerabilities in the servers. Our IT professionals will perform routine scans to detect possible weaknesses or entry-points cybercriminals could exploit. Our precise scan system will work for

  • mobile devices
  • workstations
  • laptops
  • other devices that connect to the internet

We may also arrange for a penetration test by a third party to simulate a cyber attack to check for exploitable vulnerabilities outside of your system, such as front-end/back-end servers or web applications. Renascence IT will provide solutions to any exploitable weakness that we discover that leaves your enterprise open to data breaches and leaks.

Intrusion Detection Systems

Firewalls are a security device for monitoring network traffic. They are effective for preventing unauthorized access to a network. However, our team can install an intrusion detection system to monitor devices, communications, and devices in real-time.

With this security option, we can quickly identify potential threats and breaches within the system.

Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection

One of the services we provide at Renascence IT is Microsoft 365 consulting. With this service, we can get your staff acclimated to using new and traditional applications in the program, which comes with extra security protection.

Microsoft 365’s advanced threat protection keeps emails safe against harmful links by sending them to the Microsoft datacenter. Should an employee click a malicious link, the service will prevent the threat from invading the computer, network, or server.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Keeping your organization safe and secure involves more than keeping hackers out. Suppose a disaster, like an earthquake, flood, fire, power outage, or cyberattack occurs. In that case, you will need to have a disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place to protect data and resume business operations.

When you partner with Renascence IT, you can be confident that our team will frequently back up your data within a cloud-based infrastructure accessible to authorized users at any time. We understand how crucial data is to a business, which is why we offer on-site, cloud, and cloud hybrid solutions for data backups.

For instance, we can back up your data to multiple physical locations, onto external hard drives, and onto a cloud server. Each backup is secure and has exceptional protection against security threats.

To ensure that you can continue functioning within your business after a potentially catastrophic event, we will devise a mitigation plan covering various scenarios.

Email Security & Encryption

Our Bay Area support service also ensures that companies have sufficient encryption on emails for added security support. Emails are often an entry point for hackers who use links and attachments to gain information or control company systems.

With our encryption services, emails will have an additional level of security. The service also makes it harder for anyone to transmit sensitive information out of the organization via email.

Remote Network Monitoring

At Renascence IT, we are always watching. We will monitor your network 24/7 from remote locations to ensure that the IT infrastructure has the correct updates, configurations, and security protocols in place at all times. While you focus on your business, we will provide the support you need.

Why Choose Renascence IT Consulting for Your Network Security Service Provider in San Francisco?

Renascence IT, a renowned IT service provider in the San Francisco Bay area, has established itself as a trusted name over the years. Our commitment lies in delivering unrivaled IT support to organizations throughout the region. Utilizing our expertise in network security and swift incident response, we aim to safeguard against threats and minimize company downtime in the event of a disaster.

With decades of expertise in the industry, combined with our commitment to supporting San Francisco-based businesses, of all shapes and sizes. Renascence IT is here to offer you the technical assistance you require. Reach out to us today at 510-552-6896 to schedule a consultation and discover how we can meet your needs.


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