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Proactive Support

We look after your IT systems so you don’t have to

Small- and medium-sized businesses are in a tight spot–concerned about cyber security, network up-time, and strong tech infrastructure, but running with more modest budgets than big enterprises with full time, in-house IT staff. Remote IT support and monitoring is a great way to bridge that gap, offering much-needed IT expertise at a manageable cost.

What is remote IT support and monitoring?

This means we manage, support, and monitor all of your IT infrastructure and systems 24/7 from our remote locations. We don’t need to be onsite to be on top of your IT infrastructure.  

We install updates, manage security and permissions, install or restrict applications and software, and maintain your IT infrastructure. Our team handles all aspects of your network from email to network appliances.

Because our IT support is ongoing, our monitoring services catch breaches and risks before they can impact your business. 

Our work is remote, meaning support and monitoring is available to any company with any setup. Have remote workers? Not a problem. We specialize in setting up secure, efficient systems for multi-location companies and remote work, whether down the street, across the country, or on the opposite side of the planet. It all comes at a predictable price, ensuring businesses of all sizes can leverage IT expertise.

Ultimately, we help you run your IT like you run your business, making smart decisions to use your resources wisely. With Renascence IT, you can focus on business operations, knowing that we have your back.

The benefits of remote IT support and monitoring

There are countless benefits to remote IT support and monitoring services. Here are just a few ways our remote model will help you.

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24/7 off-hour support 

Because we work remotely, we are available more readily than an in-house 9-5 IT professional might be. System maintenance can also take place outside of your regular business hours so that your customers and staff are not disrupted.

Our remote IT support and monitoring also minimize unplanned downtime. Because we can monitor 24/7, we will catch any potential problems, and either fix them automatically with our tools, or address the problem remotely. 

Remote work is tough for on-site IT staff

When you are relying on one IT tech in-house, it can be challenging to deal with devices and workers who are spread around the city, country, or even the world.

With our entire team working remotely, however, we can track your infrastructure no matter where your workers and their devices may be. You no longer have to worry about deploying IT staff to other locations, or bringing remote workers into the office to deal with device issues. Instead, our remote workers virtually meet you where you are. It saves time, travel expenses, and personnel costs.

You need a deep technical bench

Technology covers an extremely broad and deep range of skills, training and expertise. A small in-house staff cannot have expertise in everything. Our tech expertise ensures your company has the right tech to meet your goals and the challenges of your IT development. 

Small firms are vulnerable to cybercrime 

We understand that many small businesses think cybersecurity is a problem for big companies. We also know that bad actors are familiar with this misconception and target smaller operations. With our services, you can continue focusing on your work, with our team in the background handling security patches, updating information, standardizing settings across your workforce, educating employees, and responding to trouble. 

Complete in-house staff is cost prohibitive 

The cost of hiring an IT team or even one IT tech to monitor around the clock is prohibitive for a lot of small companies. We do it all at a predictable, set rate, without the usual personnel expenses of overtime, benefits, and travel expenses. You will have guaranteed access to experienced, certified IT professionals with the high-level skills you need to get ahead of your competitors. We work hard to keep your company in step with industry trends and emerging IT needs, so you will never fall behind. 

Our History


With over 20 years of industry experience under his belt, the company's CEO possesses a degree in Computer Science and a number of certifications, including MCSE, MCSA, A+ and Network+. From an early age, computers were always a part of his life; dating back to the days of the Apple II. Since that time, he served as everything from system administrator to IT business director within well-established companies, before deciding that consulting was his passion. Leveraging years of technical recruiting, he personally handpicked a select group of specialists proficient in Linux, customized web applications and databases, telephony and cross-platform devices, to ultimately bring your organization to the next level.