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Case Study

Renascence IT Consulting Supports the Success of
Dean Lewis Associates

Renascence IT Consulting is a managed services provider serving the Bay Area that has been reducing risk, increasing productivity and boosting the bottom line of businesses since 2010. 

Established in 1953, Dean Lewis Associates is a second-generation manufacturers’ representative and distributor of specialty fasteners. There are 25 employees with an outside sales force that covers the West Coast.

Project Details

Client: Dean Lewis Associates

Project Date: 2024

Project Results:

  • Managed servers reduced by 88%
  • Annual Savings of $25,000 to $30,000
  • Better visibility on product arrivals

Around $1,600 a month in unnecessary server spending

Employees needed to connect to the corporate office to access applications

01 The Problem

For many years, Dean Lewis Associates had the most basic IT system. They were using antiquated, vulnerable firewalls and consumer-grade wireless access points, as well as numerous overcomplicated servers that were slowing down processes for employees.

They relied on a single IT subcontractor.  When that subcontractor went to Italy on vacation and couldn’t be reached, the company was prevented from billing for about a week. It was time for a change.

02 The Solution

Kirk Lesser and his team outlined what was needed, from top to bottom. They analyzed all the computers and how data was stored. They identified that the company was wasting money on many products they didn’t need. They changed from nine managed servers down to one, saving about $1600 a month. Their server hardware had never been reevaluated for production usefulness. A thorough review presented ways to provide LOB applications and safer, less expensive storage. Rebuilding the company’s infrastructure with professional, modern services that fit their needs, eliminated high annual license fees. The added savings were reinvested to fund the new wireless equipment. By greatly reducing their IT hardware “mass,” they ensured that they are not overspending on hardware that provides no additional quality of technical operation.

Consolidated and simplified on-premises infrastructure

Significantly reduced operational expenses related to technology

Client Testimonial

“When you’re running a company that’s been around for 70 years, it’s easy to get complacent. Kirk and the RenIT team opened my eyes to all the changes we needed to make to be more profitable, productive and safe. They explain everything in laymen’s terms and are wonderful to work with. Honest, comforting and beyond thorough. You can’t find a more professional company to be your IT partner.”

RIck Lewis

President, Dean Lewis Associates

03 The Result

Productivity and efficiency have increased since Dean Lewis and Associates converted their desktops to laptops, enabling employees to work remotely when necessary.  No longer needing to connect to the home office to access their LOB applications, each employee is saving about 15 minutes a day. With easier access to the data, the company can see the history of when they can expect products instead of relying on what suppliers tell them. This helps the business estimate a more accurate lead time. Overall, the changes will result in an annual savings of $25,000 to $30,000.

  • Saved Dean Lewis Associates $25,000 to $30,000 annually by streamlining processes and applications
  • Team productivity increased through the addition of "work from anywhere" capability

Our History


With over 20 years of industry experience under his belt, the company's CEO possesses a degree in Computer Science and a number of certifications, including MCSE, MCSA, A+ and Network+. From an early age, computers were always a part of his life; dating back to the days of the Apple II. Since that time, he served as everything from system administrator to IT business director within well-established companies, before deciding that consulting was his passion. Leveraging years of technical recruiting, he personally handpicked a select group of specialists proficient in Linux, customized web applications and databases, telephony and cross-platform devices, to ultimately bring your organization to the next level.