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Case Study

Renascence IT Consulting is the One-Stop Shop for Technology at
Child Truck Line

Renascence IT Consulting is a managed services provider serving the Bay Area that has been reducing risk, increasing productivity and boosting the bottom line of businesses since 2010.  Established in 1979, Child Truck Line specializes in hauling full truckload freight within Washington and Oregon. Child Logistics is their full-service brokerage division.

Project Details

Client: Child Truck Line

Project Date: 2018

Project Results:

  • Increased annual revenue from $6M to $15M
  • Warehouse inventory surged 385% due to efficiency gains without incident
  • More than doubled employee count

Company Website: childtruckline.com

Uncovered outdated technology and insufficient network security, leading to operational halts and dependency on manual backups.

Faced frequent server outages, halting operations for hours and relying on inadequate technical support.

01 The Problem

When Renascence IT Consulting first assessed Child Truck Line’s needs in 2018, they found they were operating with dated equipment, minimal security, poor technical support, and no consistent technological standards or processes. The old server required nightly backup that someone on the team took home with them. When the server was offline, which occurred a few times a month, they were dependent on one person to provide access and that often stopped their operation for several hours.

According to the company’s president, James Carroll, “We were constrained by an archaic system, relying on inferior equipment and technology with a rat’s nest of wires in the backroom. We knew we needed to make significant changes so we could compete and grow.”

02 The Solution

Renascence IT Consulting helped Child Truck Line secure their data by leveraging cloud services, establish those much-needed processes and modernize their technical infrastructure. They also designed and oversaw the buildout of a large Wi-Fi network throughout the new warehouse for live inventory scanning and machine management.

Successfully migrated all of Child Truck Line’s data to a cloud-based platform, transforming their technology infrastructure into a modern, agile, and scalable system.

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Implemented new processes and technology upgrades, revolutionizing inventory management with a cutting-edge wireless network for real-time reconciliation and machine management, boosting productivity.

Client Testimonial

“We know trucking, not IT. That’s why we rely on Renascence IT Consulting. They are our one-stop shop for technology. At our regular meetings, we talk about our current IT needs and what to anticipate as my company grows and technology changes. They ‘future proof’ me. We also talk about overall business strategies. The team at RenIT is responsive and explains everything clearly without any unnecessary jargon. They are invested in our success and treat my business and money as their own.”

James Carroll

President, Child Truck Line

03 The Result

Child Truck Line’s annual revenue has grown from $6 million to $15 million, and they have more than doubled the number of employees. They moved from an 80,000 square-foot facility to 385,000 square feet—the size of three Costco warehouses.

  • Annual revenue rose from $6 million to $15 million, reflecting robust expansion.
  • The company's warehouse inventory experienced a remarkable 385% growth, driven by significant enhancements in operational efficiency.

Our History


With over 20 years of industry experience under his belt, the company's CEO possesses a degree in Computer Science and a number of certifications, including MCSE, MCSA, A+ and Network+. From an early age, computers were always a part of his life; dating back to the days of the Apple II. Since that time, he served as everything from system administrator to IT business director within well-established companies, before deciding that consulting was his passion. Leveraging years of technical recruiting, he personally handpicked a select group of specialists proficient in Linux, customized web applications and databases, telephony and cross-platform devices, to ultimately bring your organization to the next level.